Health conditions

By law you don’t usually have to tell anyone about having a bleeding disorder or carrying the gene. Your diagnosis is seen as your private information and it’s up to you whether to tell someone.  There are, however, a few situations where you are required by law to give this information if you are asked.

Do you have a ‘health condition’?

If you disclose, it is important to be clear about whether you have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, e.g. VWD or haemophilia, or whether you carry the gene but do not have symptoms. Usually organisations that ask questions about health conditions, such as insurers or employers, are assessing risk and will treat having a bleeding disorder differently to being a carrier.

You may not be required to tell your employer that you are a carrier if you do not have bleeding symptoms as it is not considered a ‘health condition’.

If you have any questions about your status, speak to your Haemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC).


Date last reviewed: 27 September 2018