Factor V Deficiency

Factor V (5) or FV deficiency is an inherited bleeding caused when a person's body does not produce enough of a protein in the blood (factor V) that helps blood clot or the factor V doesn't work properly. It is very rare, and affects one in 1,000,000 people, but is more often found in people whose parents are blood relatives.

Links to selected resources:

What Is Factor V Deficiency?
(World Federation of Hemophilia)
See the About > Bleeding Disorders section. Explains the causes of FV deficiency, its symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Factor V deficiency
(Canadian Hemophilia Society, 2006)
This booklet explains how factor V works, the causes of FV deficiency, symptoms, diagnosis, available treatments.

Factor V deficiency
(National Hemophilia Foundation, USA)

Source: What are rare clotting factor deficiencies? World Federation of Hemophilia, Montreal, Canada, 2009.

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