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HFA Guide for people living with Von Willebrand Disorder (June 2010) [PDF, 4.01MB]


Australian Bleeding Disorders Registry. Annual Report 2017-2018. Canberra: National Blood Authority, 2019.

National Blood Authority; Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the use of recombinant and plasma-derived FVIII and FIX products. Canberra: Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council, June 2006.


This information is abridged from The guide for people living with von Willebrand disorder Melbourne: HFA, June 2010. The Guide was reviewed by Penny McCarthy, Megan Walsh and Salena Griffin from Australian Haemophilia Nurses’ Group; Leonie Mudge, Peter VanderLinden and Sharon Hawkins from Australia/New Zealand Haemophilia Social Workers’ and Counsellors’ Group; Wendy Poulsen and Matthew Stewart from Australian and New Zealand Physiotherapy Haemophilia Group; Dr James Daly, Dr John Rowell and Dr Simon McCrae from Australian Haemophilia Centre Directors’ Organisation; and VWD community representatives from the HFA VWD Consumer Review Panel.

Date last reviewed: September 2019