17-19 Mar, 2023

Lake Dewar Lodge YMCA
339  Gerrands Lane, Myrniong,  VIC 3341

HFV welcomes all members of the haemophilia and bleeding disorder community to camp.  The camp will commence around 7:00pm on Friday evening, 17th March finishing up by 2:30pm Sunday 19th March. If you cannot stay for the whole weekend, no problem, you can come for just one day.  You won’t be disappointed.  What families say about our camps....

  • We had an amazing time on our first camp. It has opened up a whole new world of support and changed our future.
  • Loved all of it! I really enjoyed seeing my kids enjoying the camp. Kids with haemophilia coming together to break down isolation
  • Enjoyed the whole family being involved and the huge amounts of laughing! Treatment session with Janine was fantastic, huge impact for our family Could we just stay here forever!!
  • Secret Women’s business was lovely! It is a very important part of camp connecting with other women. Great to see youth moving into leadership roles
  • Great sessions all day, busy day but thoroughly enjoyed Purple Soup - absolutely awesome, camp would not be the same without those guys

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