Annual Reports



HFV committee and staff are very happy to report to our members that we have had a busy and successful year. It has been a year of building and strengthening the great work in place by previous committees at HFV and strengthening for the future. 

To highlight some ways that the past year has productively strengthened HFV:

Strengthening HFV’s direction. A productive phase of strategic planning to build on foundations of the past and map a clear direction for the future. Committee looks forward to sharing the strategic plan with our members.

Strengthening HFV’s committee’s knowledge on responsibilities to our community. Governance training to ensure all committee members are across the responsibility of a committee and the responsibility to our community and funders.

Strengthening HFV’s foundations to build for the future. Review and update of our constitution to present to our members at the Annual General Meeting. The committee is proud of the document which overarches our business and we are confident that there is a solid foundation for any challenges to come. Committee has made a start on reviewing all policies and will continue this work next year.

Strengthening of partnerships with our stakeholders 

  • HFA and HFV continue to work together collaboratively to support and advocate for our community. Several meeting throughout the tear to share information and resources to ensure we are complimenting each other to work effectively
  • RCH and the introduction of the new multidisciplinary appointments for families. RCH has welcomed HFV to be an integrated part of the new model of service delivery and has enabled HFV to connect with more families and offer support to those in need
  • Alfred team has met with HFV on various occasions. This has allowed discussion around possible projects to plan in the coming year after identifying gaps in supports for our members through their engagement with the HTC team
  • Meeting with our funder’s liaison coordinator to support HFV with planning for the future and to provide support around reporting requirements and health promotion plans.

Strengthening our support across our community. HFV was able to offer peer support training to key members that have either been, or are now offering to be convenors of specific peer support groups within our community. HFV is keen to solidify this network in coming months with the hope to develop a peer support network across Victoria in hope members have supports in place even in rural and remote areas. Through partnership with Chronic Illness Alliance and a generous grant from Department of health and Human Services secured by Julia’s hard work, HFV was able to offer a unique opportunity to some members to enjoy a weekend away and begin to build the basis for this network with exciting developments to come.

Strengthening of connections with our interstate community. National Conference in Queensland was a huge success and many professional friendships have been established to encourage sharing of resources over our borders to further strengthen our community