HTC Covid-19 Series

The Alfred hospital HTC team has joined forces with HFV to produce a series of videos to help their patients and our HFV members to manage their health through the challenges of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

The first in the series is a short video from Jane Portnoy, one of the HTC social workers. If you can spare a few minutes, you can benefit from Jane's advice around managing your mental health.

* Please note, any video that plays on YouTube after our specific videos are random and not recommended by HFV or the HTC team.

Abi Polus, has shared her thoughts from a physio's perspctive, and is focussing on managing your physical health.

Here is a message from Kara and Penny, two of the HTC nurses, who share thoughts about managing your bleeds and making sure you have enough product.

Megan, also a HTC nurse, has now shared with us an exciting update on new treatments that are available and how to be involved in new trials, so make sure you check it out!

Alex Coombs (HTC social worker) has provided a seriess of short videos to assist you with thinking about your future career. In video 1, Alex shares his experiences, career path and decision making around a change in career. Video 2 shares some career guidance and the final video looks at resumes and CVs. There is also a PowerPoint that Alex refers to in his videos that is attached below. Enjoy!

VIDEO 1: My career path

Video 2: Career guidance

Video 3: Cvs & Resumes

Below is the link to the a PDF PowerPoint that Alex refers to thoughout his videos. It contain more information about CAREER PATHS and valuable links.

We are hoping to share another video with you next week from Chris, who is an Alfred patient and a member of our HFV committee, so check back here soon!