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The following articles are featured in our quarterly HFV magazine 'The Missing Factor' are are written by Alex Coombs and Jane Portnoy (Social Workers, Haemophilia & Other Inherited Disorders Team, Alfred Health) and provide advice and guidance for patients that attend the Ronald Sawers Haemophilia Treeatment Centre. 

Q and A September 2023

Should I change my treatment?

Q and A September 2022

Alfred Health Patient Portal

Q and A June 2022
Overseas travel with a bleeding disorder

Q and A March 2022
Why do we need a GP in the twenty-first century?

Q and A September 2021
Mental health care & accessing the NDIS

Q and A June 2021
Changing to a new treatment

Q and A March 2021
Covid 19 vaccine & bleeding disorders

Q and A Dec 2020
Summary of previous topics

Q and A Sept 2020
Hospital appointments during COVID-19

Q and A June 2020
Life in lockdown

Q and A March 2020
Sleeping issues

Q and A Dec 2019
Ageing and bleeds

Q and A Sept 2019
Understanding the Disability Support Pension (DSP), NDIS & MyAged Care

Q and A March 2019
Mental health and loneliness

Q and A Dec 2018
Are you a country patient?

Q and A Sept 2018
NDIS and bleeding disorders

Q and A June 2018
Health issue with ageing with haemophilia

Q and A March 2018
Transitioning to the Alfred

Q and A Dec 2017 
Disclosure at work