Women with Bleeding Disorders

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Information for women and girls affected by bleeding disorders


Female Factors information for young women
Female Factors: information for young women with bleeding disorders - October 2018

Information about how bleeding disorders affect young women and teenage girls, with FAQs and personal stories. This resource includes explanations about heavy periods and other bleeding symptoms in females. It looks at haemophilia - and why bleeding patterns are different in females - von Willebrand disease (VWD), rare clotting factor deficiencies and inherited platelet disorders. It also covers other key questions for young women, including inheritance, diagnosis/testing, treatment and support, and tips for self-advocacy from other Australian women.

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Finding out you carry the gene
Finding out you carry the gene - april 2017

Information about finding out you carry the altered gene that causes haemophilia. This resource is based on the experiences of Australian women and girls and describes some common reactions and where to go for support. It includes personal stories.

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The Female Factors snapshot

A snapshot of bleeding disorders in females - JUNE 2016

An introduction to bleeding disorders in women and girls. This resource includes information for women about working with your Haemophilia Centre and personal stories and tips on negotiating the health system.

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