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Volunteering is often a great way for members to connect with HFV. There are a number of ways you can volunteer which includes joining our committee or one of our sub-committees. A sub-committee member is usually involved with a specific project run by HFV such as a family camp or a  fundraising project. There are also many other ways you can volunteer your time to assist HFV. HFV often holds information stands during Haemophilia Awareness Week. Volunteers are always encouraged to assist us at those times.

Members also volunteer to run Red Cake Day events during Haemophilia Awareness Week. These are usually at their local school

Volunteering your time by writing your personal story is probably one of the most rewarding ways you could assist HFV. Personal stories have a huge impact on our community, they keep us connected, informed and often remind us of the challenges and accomplishments we have faced as a community. We always receive very positive feedback from our members on personal stories they read in our magazine, so if you can spare some time to put pen to paper please do. If you don’t enjoy writing, Julia at our ofice can do this for you – just give her a ring and share your story. 

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