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Hepatitis C

Personal stories about the experience of living with a bleeding disorder and hepatitis C.

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Jenny shares her story of how she discovered she had the acquired haemophilia and how it was able to be successfully treated with the support of her hospital and Haemophilia Treatment Centre.
Claire shared her personal story as a parent of young boys with haemophilia at the 21st Australian Conference on haemophilia, VWD and rare bleeding disorders. This is a transcript of her presentation.
Elizabeth’s teenage daughter Grace has Glanzmann thrombasthenia. Elizabeth spoke with HFA about what it was like to find that your child has a very rare bleeding disorder and their family experiences as Grace grows up.
Allison is in her mid-40s and was diagnosed with Glanzmann thrombasthenia at birth. She talked to HFA about her experiences and what she has learned from living with this very rare bleeding disorder. 

‚ÄėI felt like I had won a million dollars.‚Äô What is it like to be cured of hepatitis C after…

* Jake is not his real name ‚ÄėNow that my liver is working better, everything is better.‚Äô Curing hepatitis C…

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David is an Australian community member. He spoke with Suzanne O’Callaghan from HFA about his experience of treatment with one…

Paul was diagnosed with hepatitis C as a teenager. After treatment with the new DAAs he has finally been cured….

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